Even though this blog is dedicated to personal training, sometimes it is good to mix it up and do other types of reviews. So this brings us to this post! I know, I know, we have not posted in quite some time, but we wanted to give props to a lot of the other fitness studios that have created some excellent group fitness studios. If you are in New York you have been to the Fhitting room or Barrys Bootcamp, then you have seen that there are some cool studios out there. Both are great places to workout and have challenging fitness classes to make you sweat, burn calories and step out of your comfort zone. We encountered another great group exercise fitness class that is right here in our backyard and it just opened up on the other side of the river and its called, Burntown Fitness.

There claim to fame is that they are the first high intensity & high energy group training studio that has a signature 45 minute workout broken up into 4 rounds. In addition, they claim that their cardio equipment is non-weight bearing (which is great for the joints) and that there are always a low-impact modification for all of their exercises. This is a pretty bold statement, but when we decided to go and take one of their classes, I hate to say it, but it was. They have this system down to a science.

It is perfectly structured and you are done in 45 minutes. If you want to do a little stretching afterwards, then you can do so, but the goal is to “Make Every Move Count” and to move with purpose. It is a great vision that they have and after taking the class we had an opportunity to speak with the instructor.  She informed us that they just opened up, and it is just a matter of time until their system really takes off.

If you have a chance, we highly recommend that you try out a Burntown Fitness before you invest in one of those non-structured box type of kettlebell or power-lifting gyms or a studio that just focuses on the lower body. We all know which studios those are, they may have a great community feel, but if you want a real workout that is going to work your full body, professional instruction, great technology and an exciting workout, then give Burntown Fitness a try. You wont regret the workout.

The Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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