One thing that you need to know about someone who surfs a lot, they are going to have a pretty good core and excellent balance! Why? because they are already exercising and having fun on a super unstable surface; a wave from mother nature.  Below are some exercises and movements that you can incorporate into your existing fitness routine, either with a workout buddy or with your personal trainer Portland fitness person. Remember, we want to use full body movements that will combine various muscle groups at one time. 

1. Regular Dead Lift
2. Kettlebell Swings
3. Lunges – But do them in all the planes of motion going in different directions
4. Plyometric Exercises: Using Boxes, the floor, hurdles
5. Combo Cable Exercises: Squats with Rows, 
6. Medicine Ball Exercises: Throws, Wood Chops, Swings, Pickups, etc. 
7. Variations of Push-ups: Regular, Decline, Incline, One Arm, Etc. 
8. Pull-ups: Assisted or regular
9. Burpees: With a weighted vest or just body weight
10. Single Leg Squats: Make sure you are balancing on one leg when doing these.

You do not have to do all of these exercises back to back, but use them in your current workout routine, to spice it up! Also, remember to do a good warm-up and cool down. 

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