One of the most common associations with sciatic pain can be caused from having a tight IT band or Iliotibial Band.  A lot of individuals or even some clients will raise concern that they may be experiencing some form of sciatica due to hours of sitting at their desks or in constant long meetings with their company on a weekly basis. 
What happens is that when you sit, the IT band is in a fixed position for extended periods of time, just like the hip flexors (front part of the leg). When you decide to stand, walk or just get up real quick, they need to elongate or extend, which can create pressures in the lower back and the side of your leg to create a painful sensation that can also be explained as “shooting pain”.

There are various ways to stretch these areas of the back, which can include yoga, massage, retraction, etc. One of the best ways to stretch these areas is with a dense foam roller (come in different densities) or if you are working with a fitness professional or Portland personal trainer. A lot of times if you are trying to do this yourself, you are not going to put enough pressure on the areas, because yes, it is uncomfortable. You need to build up a tolerance for the initial pain that it may cause you, but after doing it for a while, you will feel the benefits, relaxation and addicting massage you get from it. It actually feels good, but it is going to take a few weeks for this type of sensation to happen. Initially, it is going to be so tight that just pressing on the area will create a painful sensation, so give it time.
Lastly, that is why it is important to foam roll at home, but also with personal trainer Portland professional who is helping you with this type of temporary ailment!

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