This is going to be a quick post about individuals who are eating a low carb  or participating in the paleo movement diet. Both of these are extremely popular with the Crossfit movement and individuals need to be careful that they are getting the appropriate nutrients when doing both of these, especially with the amount of fiber needed for digestion. People who were on the Paleo diet back in the day (paleolithic times) also roamed the land from dusk till dawn until they were able to find enough food or kill an animal.

Eating foods rich in protein and animal fat needs to be digested and can be very challenging if the individual is not ingesting enough fiber from certain foods in order keep regular. Being constipated form low carb and paleo diets is something that is common and can cause complications, especially when this becomes an regular issue. The gist of this post is to make sure you are eating enough fruits and vegetables that contain fiber when on these types of food programs. If you can get enough fiber, then it will make eating likes this more enjoyable.

If you are working with a fitness professional or Portland personal trainer, ask them for a referral to a registered dietitian to help you if you have any questions about any of these food intake programs.

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