With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s hard to figure out what time of day to fit in your workout.  I can honestly confess that I am not a morning person, and usually workout in the evening. However, this past week I completed my workout first thing in the morning and let’s just say I may be converted.  I am willing to give up my precious time of sleeping in to exercise.  Here are the top five reasons why you should start working out in the morning, from your personal trainer Portland Oregon.

1.  Get it out of the way.  The problem with pushing your workout off thorughout the day, is it’s constantly on your mind.  It’s also easy to continue to blow it off so much that it doesn’t get done.  Workout in the morning and you have the rest of your day to focus on other things.

2.  Feel more energized.  Not only does exercise wake you up, but it gives you more energy to take on the day.  Ever notice that when you sleep to long you feel even more tired? Get up and workout!

3.  Be more productive.  When you start off your day making good decisions, you’re likely to continue that as your day goes on.  Be more alert and focused to get done the things on your to do list.

4.  Improve your mood.  When you exercise, you stimulate feel good chemicals in your brain that make you feel happier and more relaxed.  It also makes you feel more confident about yourself and your appearance.

5.  Use the equipment you want, without having to wait.  When you head to the gym after work, chances are it’s hard to find a parking spot, let alone a machine to work out on.  Beat the crowd, and get your workout in when most people are still asleep in their beds!

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