You do not want to ruin your progress, but you want to enjoy that big party? What are some tips?

The holidays are officially upon us, and with the season come plenty of parties with rich drinks, comfort food galore, and more cookies and sweet treats than a bakery shop.  How do you still obtain your social calendar without completely derailing all your hard work and expanding your waistline?  Below are some tips to help you survive the pressure of holiday gatherings.

  1. Eat something before attending.  Instead of going to a party hungry, have something about an hour ahead of time.  You’re less likely to overload your plate with goodies if your stomach isn’t growling as you walk through the door.
  2. Portion control.  As you scan the buffet table, there’s not one thing in sight that you foresee passing up.  Instead of choosing 3 foods to load on your plate, take small portions of anything your heart desires.  That way, you’re not depriving yourself or overeating.
  3. Be mindful of your drinks.  Liquid calories are quick to consume so set yourself a limit.  If you go into it knowing you will have two drinks, you’ll be quicker to kindly decline as the hostess reaches to refill your wine glass.
  4. Share dessert.  You’ve been eyeing that peppermint cheesecake for some time now, and can’t imagine denying yourself of some. Well don’t! Split a slice with your co-worker without overdoing it.
  5. Activity. Get some activity in prior to going to the event so you are already in a caloric deficit for the day. Let you workout partner or Portland personal trainer know that you want to get some caloric expenditure in before this big day.

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