It’s a popular theme to get something new before a big event.  Before your first day of school, a new shirt, new pants, and new shoes seem to be a going trend.  Before every school dance, a new dress, or new dress pants need to be purchased.  The best outfit you can find and afford is picked out for your first day of work so that you make a great first impression.  New things make us feel good.  They give us a boost of confidence to take on the events in our life.

Running a marathon is one example in which wearing something new will not pay off.  When prepping for race day, many find excitement in shopping for the perfect pair of shoes that will carry them across the finish line. Portland personal trainers recommend running in your new shoes for at least two months before marathon day.  There are two main reasons for this.  First and foremost, your body and foot need to adjust to the support that your shoes give you, as well as how your feet feel after a run.  Secondly, you need time to wear your shoes in.  What many who wear a brand spanking pair of shoes, and then head out for a run experience is bloody ankles.  The new material adds friction to your body, resulting in blisters.

Give yourself some time to settle into your shoes so that come race day, the only you have to focus on is the run itself.

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