When it comes to running, people are usually on one extreme or the other.  They either hate it, or can’t wait to lace up their shoes each day.  Don’t get me wrong, running is not an easy sport.  It takes mental strength and endurance, as well as physical.  It can also leave you with some great benefits for your health and your mind.

As a Portland personal trainer, I try and encourage my clients to give running a shot.  Most of them just roll their eyes at me and say that running just isn’t for them.  If only they would just give it a shot and see what it could do for them.

Not only does running burn a significant amount of calories, but it is also a great stress reliever.  When I run, I’m in a zone.  I let my mind run free, and actually get some of my best ideas, bost personally and professionally when I run.  It’s your time for yourself to unwind and be free.  When I find myself overwhelmed or stressed, I lace up my shoes and hit the road.  Many times I realize that I see more when I run.  The cute little restaurant nestled into a neighborhood.  The small house with a dream come true back yard.  I miss these things when I’m driving because I’m in too much of a rush.

Lace up your shoes, get your legs moving, and discover all of the great things running can bring to your life.

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