As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass.  In order to maintain our muscle mass and and avoid loose skin, we need to consistently train the muscles of our body.  A common muscle that quickly weakens and tends to sag as the years progress are the triceps.  Many women refer to these as ” bat wings” and are made aware of them when they raise up their arm to wave at someone.

It’s not the best feeling in the world to feel parts of your body jiggle.  According to personal fitness trainer in Portland, OR, there are several exercises that can be done to strengthen to and define our tricky triceps.

1.  Dips.  The best thing about this exercise and the one below is that it can be done virtually anywhere.  Place your hands over the edge of a bench, chair, or couch and bring your hips just in front of it.  Slowly lower your body down, making sure your elbows go straight back, and strive to achieve a 90 degree angle with your arms.  Start with your legs bent, and progress to your legs straight out in front of you.

2. Diamond push ups.  Place your hands side by side and turn your finger tips in toward one another.  Press your thumbs together so that you make a triangle, and lift your body up into push up position.  Slowly lower your body down to 90 degrees, maintaing a tight core, before pushing back up to start.  Your triceps should graze the sides of your body.

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