The thought of a massage can induce a feeling of instant relaxation to almost anyone, if not everyone.  Putting all of your stresses and responsibilities on hold for one hour to pamper yourself and let someone else do all the work.

While massages are often thought of as a way to relax and unwind, they offer more benefits than just that.  If you have particularly tight muscles or soreness from a workout or the strains that come with life, a Portland fitness trainer recommends a massage.

Massages work on the knots our muscles develop from being overworked. The longer we go without a massage, the more knots our body aquires and the more difficult it becomes for our body to have full range of motion.

Does the thought of getting a massage on a consistent basis have you clenching your wallet with a death grip?  Invest in a foam roller that can be found at any sports store.  A foam roller works out those knots and releases the tightness of our facia, which covers all of our muslces.

You put your body through a lot, don’t you think it deserves a reward here and there?  Skimp on the social outings and restaurants before skimping on your health and what your body really needs.

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