There are many theories out there as to when is the best time to workout.  Some say it’s in the morning when you’re body is at it’s freshest. Others argue that it’s best to get in some exercise mid day, so that you’re more energized for the rest of the day. Night time training is preferred by most busy adults who simply don’t have time to fit in a good sweat at any other point in their day.

While many argue that there are period in the day that are better than others, a Portland personal trainer would say  what it really comes down to is what works best with your schedule.  If you’re a morning person, by all means get your workout in before the chaos of your day begins.

The most important thing to focus on is that you plan out your workouts prior to the week starting.  If you plan your workouts around your meetings and your kid’s soccer games, and actually write them down, they are more likely to happen. Just like you write down the important events in your life, your health and exercise should be documented as well.

Here are some tips for planning out your works and ensuring the time of day is best for you and your schedule.

1. Think about when you have the most energy in the day.

2.  What is greatest amount of time you have free in your day

3.  At what point of the day would you benefit from some stress relief?

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