There’s typically two types of scenarios that play out when a person has completed their workout.  They have either built up an appetite, and can’t wait to stuff their face when they get home, or the person who calculates all the calories they’ve lost, and don’t want to “ruin” that by eating something post workout.  While either or both might sound like you, neither are best for your body.

The main goal after a workout is to refuel and replenish what was lost, not replace everything that was lost and then some, or starving our body for nutrition it so badly craves.  So what do you look for in a post workout snack?  30 minutes following a moderate to high intensity workout, you want to look for foods that have carbohydrates that are easily digestible to replace glycogen storage and protein to repair muscle damage. Here are a few suggestions for your post workout snack:

1. A piece of whole wheat toast with a slice of turkey.

2. Protein shake with a banana mixed in

3. Greek yogurt with almonds

4. A glass of low fat chocolate milk

Make sure to enjoy your post workout foods with 8-12 ounces of water to replace water lost during your session, and make sure your post workout snack is warranted. A leisurely walk with your dog doesn’t equate to a high intensity workout. If you are working with a fitness professional, Portland personal trainer or workout partner, ask them what they like to eat after an intense workout.

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