If you are looking for ways to effectively exercise the shoulder muscles then you need to make sure you are addressing all three areas of this muscle group. The three areas of the shoulder is the Posterior Deltoid, Medial Deltoid and the Anterior Deltoid. Basically, it is the back side, lateral side and the front side of the shoulder muscles.  In addition, you will want to address the trapezius are and also the four rotator cuff muscles. One of the best ways to address the rotator cuff muscles is to do them at the end and make sure you always start off with a light weight! You do not want to ignore this area of the shoulder because they help in maintaining stability within the shoulder girdle and you need to keep them strong. If you are currently working with a fitness professional or if you live in Northwest, a personal trainer Portland Or, then ask them about the areas of the shoulder and where there may be imbalances. One thing that individuals get obsessed with is doing too much chest, which will cause the shoulders to round forward. When this starts to happen, you are going to want to stretch those chest muscles and really work that posterior deltoid and rhomboids in order to pull those shoulders back and maintaining proper posture and alignment. 

By Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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