Exercise is all about breathing, technique and listening to your body. The human body is the most amazing machine that was every invented or made and nothing can replicate it. It is also extremely smart when it comes to letting us know when it does not feel good, when something feels odd or when we are experiencing pain or discomfort. This is especially true when we push our bodies beyond their limits and we get to that threshold. This can happen when we run, lift weights, walk, swim, etc. All kinds of activities that we are involved in will have limits, and we will sometimes do our best to push through. Yes, this is a good thing when we want to stress our bodies a bit in order to get improvements, but when we do it over and over again without letting our bodies rest, is when we start to get into trouble. If you are working with professional or Portland Oregon personal trainer, they will tell you that different body parts and methods are used in order for the body to keep guessing, but also to make sure there is enough rest for muscle groups so they can recuperate and heal. The Rule of Thumb is: Listen To Your Body! If you are tired, then rest.

By Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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