So what is a healthy breakfast? Also, why do they say it is so important to eat this meal and not to skip it? Before you eat that first meal, probably the best thing you can put in your body is to drink a refreshing glass of water. Some people like it cold and some like it at room temperature; regardless, drink some when you arise from your sleep! Why? Why Not? It is probably the best thing you can put in your body: it is clean, refreshing, hydrating, and you body needs it. In addition, you can validate it by saying, I am going to put something great in my body, because I know I am going to have a coffee, some kind of breakfast, so I might as well start the day off right. In addition, water is the best diuretic, the more you drink, the better the body will be at removing necessary wastes, provide perspiration when needed and to keep your cells, muscles and skin loving you.

Now lets back to the first meal! The reason they say this meal is so important is because it gets the body to start working. Just like machine needs to get the gears turning, the same goes for when you eat that first meal. You do not want it to be too big, but just enough for it to start burning that food for calories to be used, and right when it has full digested that small meal, about three hours later, you can have another small snack or meal. We want to make our body efficient at burning calories, so if we can feed it every few hours with some great food, then our metabolism will be kicking for the day, our digestive system will digest more efficiently, and when we combine our excellent water drinking system, we are bound to start becoming more healthy, internally and externally.

Thank You,
Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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