Portland, Oregon! Summer 2013 is finally here and you have to say this with us, we had a pretty Mild Winter! I think we got a lot of sunshine this year versus all the rainfall that everyone is always talking about. What we have been seeing here lately is that not a lot of us are not active during the so called cold months, and we want to know why? Our summers here are gorgeous and this is the time to show off those legs, wear some shorts, break off those sleeveless shirts and be proud of the body you have been working on  in the fall and winter.
This is not what we have been seeing. We are noticing more and more individuals here getting more overweight, not exercising, more people with muffin tops, less bikes on the road when it is cold or raining and less people going on hikes. It is still beautiful here and as long as we dress appropriate, we can still get into excellent shape outdoors. The other option is to hire someone if you cannot get that motivation.
That is where a Portland personal trainer studio comes into play. The summer months are now here and you can still get into amazing shape before our cold weather comes back, so lets make it happen.

Thank You,
Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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