It seems that more and more individuals are complaining about those big box gyms and the personal trainers that they hire to work there. The ones that are in this profession really cannot get mad or upset for individuals that take a keen interest in personal training and what it can offer. We need to realize that these trainers need to start somewhere and they are using the clients that they do have to craft their unique way of training, sort of like test projects. The client who trains at these big box gyms, does not know any better and are probably happy.
If they were to break away from these training programs and venture out to train with a professional Portland Oregon personal trainer studio, they would soon realize the difference. These differences include: professionalism, strict attention to customer service,  they are not late, they do not talk or text on the phone when with a client, they never let the clients grab or rack weights, they bring them water, walk them out the door and sometimes to their car, are flexible with their schedules, and will stay late when they just want to talk. A true personal training studio caters to the client and the client only, because it is professional personal training business, not a training service in a big box gym.
Good luck with your search and consider training with professionals versus amateurs….

Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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