When it comes to rest times between sets, this can make a huge difference, especially for a beginner. If a non experienced trainer does not take this into consideration, a client can get nauseous, feel dizzy and just not themselves. The main reason a person will feel this way is because they are not breathing properly, they ate too much food prior to exercise, they are hung over or they may be coming down with something. Any of these variables can come into play and an experienced Portland personal trainer can really identify these variables, especially if the client does not communicate this.

When someone is looking to increase their muscle mass and is implementing the overload principle, then adequate rest between sets is important in order for body to fully recuperate in order to get maximum strength on the next lift. If you are looking for more explosive movements and energy but over a short period of time, then you may want to participate in high intensity interval training, and this involves longer periods of intense training with minimal rest between sets. So the main idea we want to express here is what is your goal. When you find that out, then you can work backwards and identify which training style is the best and what your rest periods should be so you do not injure yourselves, but also to make the workouts safe.

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