So you are thin person but when you reach over to pick up that computer or Iphone on the nigh stand you feel that roll of skin and fat on your side in your mid section. The crazy thing is that when you put your clothes on you look Hot! Your clothes fit really good and you are always getting compliments on how great you look, but what they do not know is that if they were to touch your arm or legs, they would probably be very squishy: right?
In the fitness world, we call this skinny fat. Meaning, that you are petite by genetics, but your fat to muscle ration is way off balance. If you are not involved in a physical fitness program that challenges both the cardiorespiratory and muscular systems, then your body fat percentage is going to increase. This is also the reason that people have a challenging time being told that they have high cholesterol and they are super skinny. Body fat, cholesterol and all of those other things we do not want to have can attack all different shapes and sizes, so just the way you look or the genetic traits that you have inherited, like being thin, can still take work in order to be a healthy. If you feel that you are considered skinny fat, go get your body fat composition checked by a local fitness professional in your area. If you live in the Northwest, then contact your Portland Oregon personal trainer and tell them your concerns.


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