If you are looking for a great way to get your heart rate up, increase that perspiration and really work those buttocks and leg muscles, then the jumping jack squat is a perfect exercise. The way you start out with this is keep your legs together, lift your arm in the air so that your hands are touching, and then jump down into a wide squat, let your hands touch the ground without rounding your back, and then go back up! You want to mimic the jumping jack motion, but you want to add the squat into it.

This is great to do in-between sets if you want to keep the caloric expenditure going in addition to your heart rate. The one thing that we want to advise you on is to make sure you stretch those groins out properly before doing this exercise. If you need some assistance on seeing which stretches are the best for this exercise, then we suggest you contact your local Portland Oregon personal trainer or fitness professional.

Thank You and have a fun time with this exercise….

Your Personal Trainer in Portland, Oregon

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