When it comes to rehabilitation of your knee, you want to ease into the progressions. Meaning, you want to go slowly, but you can still keep achieving gains in strength and endurance. You have to understand that you are not going to be as strong as you were prior to this injury. That is going to take time to get back there, but you will get back there in due time.

Knee pain can be very depressing because it can hurt with each step you take. This also holds true with doing basic everyday movements, and that is why it so important to stay active and keep moving. The more active you are the better your recovery will be, but be smart about what types of activities you are doing. You do not want to run a 10K  after having excruciating knee pain for a few months, you want to ease back into that activity. If you are looking for ways to keep strengthening your body, then hire a Portland Oregon personal trainer to assist.

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