There are a lot of fitness enthusiasts that love to get sore after each and every workout. The question would be: is this normal? The answer to this question is, Yes! When someone who has worked out, especially with resistance training, you can become sore. This type of soreness is a delayed. There is a technical term for this, but for these purposes, we are going to keep it simple. This type of soreness can affect individuals the day that they exercised or it even arrive forty eight and even seventy two hours later. In addition, this soreness can last up to a week, especially if you are trying a different exercise and you are not used to that different stimuli or you just really challenged yourself that day.

Can you reduce the amount of this soreness? One of the best ways to help reduce the amount of soreness that will occur with exercise, fitness and just challenging yourself is to stretch. If you are involved in weight lifting, stretching between sets is a great way to alleviate muscle tightening and lactid acid buildup.  Another great way is to make sure you cool down those muscles after each workout. This will also help rid the body of certain toxins and by products that are created when exercising, and this can help with muscle soreness.

A great indicator or muscle soreness and not pain, is that you are telling your brain and body that this was a great workout and you challenged certain muscles in a great way. If you are not getting sore anymore or there is not lactid acid buildup, you may need to change your entire workout up, implement new and different exercises or even hire a personal trainer Portland Or or fitness professional in your area.

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