So when you see a Portland personal training studio or any other place say they are a premier facility, what does that exactly mean? Anyone can say this and put it on their website, but what qualifies them to say this? The first thing is that you need to make sure that the facility is being run by a veteran personal trainer or professional who has years experience in the health, fitness and exercise industry. In addition, this person needs to be the one who has decided to run the business, but also is teaching their staff how to be professional, offer the absolute best customer service as possible and that it is all about the client experience.

The other qualification of being a premier personal training studio is to have fitness professionals who follow a certain style or system that is uniform throughout the whole company. Meaning, the trainers all have certain qualifications, they follow a system that the founder of the business instills and this in turn creates excellent results, excellent retention and the clients love coming to their facility to train and to be with their trainers.

This is a relationship type of business, so if this type of facility is not based on this, then you have a training facility that is just like the big box gyms. You need to search for professional facility or in the Northwest, a professional service based Portland personal training studio that knows how to treat their clients and give them the service they need and want, especially since they are not paying cheap prices for this service.


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