This is going to be quick but effective blog post about why people experience nausea when they are working out. One of the biggest reasons is that they ate right before working out and they are not letting their body properly digest the meal they just ate. This is especially true if your meal was in a liquid form and it is just sloshing around in your stomach.
The other reason why people tend to feel this way is because they are not breathing correctly. When you are working with your fitness professional, Portland personal trainer or even a workout partner, it is extremely important that they monitor your breathing patterns. As soon as you start to breath hold, reverse your breathing pattern, or are not in rhythm, that is when you will start to get that dizzy or nausea feeling.
The last tip is that if you feel this is happening a lot, you need to make sure your rest periods between your sets are longer. You will build up an endurance and be able to have shorter recovery times, but you need to build up to it, especially if your are working out by yourself. If you are working with a professional, then they will be able to monitor what is happening and be able to correct. If you feel that you are getting nausea or dizzy, then take a few minutes rest or until the symptoms subside and then continue, but always side with safety first. If you need to rest more, then rest more until you can build that endurance up.

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Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

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